New Lesson View for Classes!

We’ve recently improved how your lessons are displayed and organized within the workspace. From now on, your Class Lesson List will reflect your Learnspace Unit Structure.

In other words, your lessons will be grouped according to how they’re organized in the Learnspace you provide for your students.

New Lesson View for Class


With this improvement you can:

  • Navigate more intuitively through the lessons within a course
  • Change the start and end date for all lessons within a unit at once
  • Grant an extension for all lessons within a unit at once

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About the Inspark Teaching Network

The Inspark Teaching Network is a strong partnership between universities, community colleges, scientists, and education experts working to transform science teaching and learning. The network empowers educators and learning designers to collaborate, build, and share next-generation courseware. The courseware harnesses the latest personalized, interactive digital learning technologies, and the learning content focuses on exploring real-world scientific questions to motivate and engage today's students. The Inspark Teaching Network is led by Smart Sparrow and Arizona State University, and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To learn more about using an Inspark Smart Course, go to