Adaptive and Simulation-Based Learning Made Easy: Workshop Recording

Taking PhET Simulations to the Next Level with Inspark and Argos Education 

Arizona State University's Inspark recently hosted a series of online workshops demonstrating how to incorporate PhET Simulations into adaptive lessons using our new platform, powered by Argos Education. The workshop also covered the use of the OpenSkill platform, which supports the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) to easily develop active learning assignments, such as peer review, charting, and virtual tours. 

In case you missed out, below is a recording of the session. 



David Schönstein, PhD, Head of Inspark

Lucien Kahn, Inspark Product Manager

Workshop Highlights:

In this workshop we demoed PhET Simulations using the Argos platform with our CriticalChem Course. Attendees were shown and able to participate in the student experience combined with a demonstration of how the adaptive lessons were built in the platform author.

The Argos platform brings together interactive simulations, multi-selection questions, drag-and-drop, variable scoring, adaptive feedback, and more, to provide a true active learning experience for students. Argos also seamlessly integrates into all learning management systems for grade syncing and pass back.

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OpenSkill is a $3.4M Dept of Education grant-funded project initiative that consists of open education resources that can be adopted in place of traditional textbooks.

It is a partnership with the three biggest community college systems in the country (Ivy Tech, Miami Dade, Maricopa) and is expanding into a teaching network and a community of practice, including professional development. OpenSkill collaborates with the community of institutions to expand the use of high-quality courseware.

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