HabWorlds Update: HTML5 Project & More

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of an updated HabWorlds! Our latest product update is part of our ongoing effort to release an updated user experience and paves the way for more exciting news coming in Spring 2019.


What’s new?

Many of the HabWorlds simulations previously built in Flash are being rebuilt for full compatibility with HTML5. This will enable offering HabWorlds without Flash by the end of Spring 2019.

Starting today, Inspark members using HabWorlds will be able to experience these updates for Intro Unit and the Project, with a growing list later in 2019 that will include all HabWorlds simulations and lessons.

Read the full release notes

Why now?

The original version of HabWorlds was path-breaking, and employed the cutting edge tech of its era, Flash, to deliver a uniquely interactive, adaptive, simulation-based curriculum. With the looming obsolescence of Flash – which is a source of much angst for learners and instructors – it was time to either upgrade or fade away. We took the former road! HabWorlds 2.0 provides a firm foundation for the future.


Next Steps

We want to make sure that we are supporting every situation, browser, and device so rest assured our team is available to assist you at support@inspark.education. We will announce when the fully updated version of HabWorlds is completed, but for now enjoy the latest updates.



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